June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

Rock Summer 25 will have a VIP-STAND for 200 seats


According to the promoter of the festival Jüri Makarov the idea to set up the VIP-Stand, facing the main stage, was the initiative from the spectators. He furthermore explains: "A lot of people have expressed a wish to enjoy music while comfortably seated. This was the reason why we decided to offer numbered seat tickets to the festival VIP-Stand." He also added that the VIP-Stand is an innovative solution for the festival that has not been used at Rock Summer before. 

The VIP-Stand with 200 seats will be set up at the lighthouse side of the Song Festival Grounds, facing the main stage and it will not hinder the view of other spectators to the stage. In addition to a numbered seat, the 2-day VIP-Stand ticket that costs 200 €, will provide it's owner with the opportunity to use separate VIP-Gates to enter the festival area without standing in line as well as the opportunity to enjoy the comfort of Gustav-VIP tent. 

VIP-Stand tickets will be available from 1st of June and there are limited spaces.