June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

Kristjan Hirmo


Originally from the small town of Räpina, Kristjan Hirmo has recently been given some quite desirable accolades. In addition to being chosen as the best DJ of 2012, the public also loved his dance music-themed radio show on the radio Sky Plus called “Hirmo Faktor” and his series of club events with the same title. Clearly he is one of the top DJs in Estonia, who can get any kind of a party started in no time and persuade even the coldest of audiences to take to the dancefloor. Kristjan is a man who is passionate about his work and is fanatical about electronical dance music, while his intense energy gets the crowds going. He finds it important to delight his audience, which is why you can expect a set full of crowd-pleasers. “A DJ needs to be an entertainer,” says Hirmo, so – get ready to be thoroughly entertained!