June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

skid row


In the middle of the 1980s, more precisely in 1986, New Jersey men Dave "The Snake" Sabo, Rachel Bolan and Scott Hill started the heavy metal band Skid Row. After Sabo left Bon Jovi that he has co-founded, he and Jon Bon Jovi made a deal that whoever becomes successful first, helps the other one. That's exactly what happened. Jon Bon Jovi took Skid Row under his wing, got them a record deal, first gigs and helped them buy the rights for the band’s name from Gary Moore – the legendary guitarist who played in an Irish band of the same name and whose piece "The Loner" has been traditionally the final song of Rock Summer festivals. The 1989 debut album "Skid Row" and hit singles "18 and Life", "I Remember You" and "Youth Gone Wild" rocketed the band immediately into the same league with Guns N` Roses and Poison. After firing Sebastian Bach from the band in 1996, the group's lead singer this millennium became Johnny Solinger. Skid Row has released five studio albums, sold tens of millions of records across the globe, some reaching platinum status multiple times. To Tallinn and Rock Summer 25 the band brings in addition to their hits new music – after a longer break they have just released their new EP "United World Rebellion – Chapter One". 
VIDEO: Watch Skid Row's performance at Rock Summer 25 and interview made by the Estonian National TV here (starting from 20:05).

Dave "The Snake" Sabo – guitar
Rachel Bolan – bass
Scotti Hill – guitar
Johnny Solinger – vocals
Rob Hammersmith – drums