June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds



The Italian rock-legend Zucchero Sugar Fornaciari (Zucchero is a nickname given to Adelmo Fornaciari by one of his school teachers, meaning  “sugar“ or “a nice person“) is well aware that Estonian audience knows him mainly by two songs. “Blue“ – a piece, the lyrics of which he wrote with his friend and U2 singer Bono and second, of course “Senza Una Donna“ – a duet with Paul Young. At Rock Summer 25 this gentleman who has sold more than 50 million records in the world plans to shake us to the core. The great songwriter has spent a lot of time in Havanna lately and is now infused with local traditions and cigar- and rumscented feeling. “La Sesión Cubana World Tour 2013“ is Zucchero’s personal view of this rich and historically quite locked up system called Cuban pop music. A system that the world, until the release of the millennium-movie “Buena Vista Social Club“, got to know only via the music of political refugees or national propaganda. For an undertaking like that, Zucchero needs good backup. Guitar player Kat Dyson is known primarily as the right-hand man of Prince in the 1990s superband New Power Generation and a longterm guitarist for Cyndi Lauper. Guitarist Elmer Ferrer is a Cuban living in Canada, whose virtuous playing was introduced to the world thanks to the director of “Buena Vista Social Club“ Wim Wenders. Drummer Horacio Hernandez “El Negro“ is a precussion ace from Cuba who has fled to the USA. His most famous solos can be heard on Santana’s enormously popular album “Supernatural“. Bass player Polo Jones is Zucchero’s comrade already from the end of the 1980s, the days of “Senza Una Donna“. At Rock Summer 25 the audience will have a wonderful opportunity to listen and dance to Zucchero’s Cuban-inspired creations as well as the legacy of the island’s pop music, including “Guantanamera“. Performed in addition to Zucchero himself by 16 amazing musicians. How the Cuban fiesta looks like – and will in Tallinn, of course – have a taste on the photo by Simone de Luca as well as the video here.
VIDEO: Watch Zucchero's performance at Rock Summer 25 and interview made by the Estonian National TV here (starting from 16:20).

Polo Jones – bass
Kat Dyson – guitars, backing vocals
Mario Schiliro – guitars
Nicola Peruch – keyboards
Adriano Molinari – drums, percussion
Horacio  Hernandez "El Negro" – drums
Elmer Ferrer – guitars
Osmil Rene Monzon Diaz – trumpet
Lazaro Amauri Oviedo Dilout – trumpet
Maykel Fernando Corrales Rojas – trombone
Jorge Luis Nunez Palacio – percussion
Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo – percussion
Karel Escalona Perez Urria – timbales
Dyalis De Regla Machado Migueles – backing vocals
Liuba Calvo – backing vocals
Dorian Carl Arraiza Leon – backing vocals