June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

The Watch


The Watch is a five-piece band from Milan whose music is inspired by the classic style progressive rock of the 1970s and in particular by the music of Genesis. But they are not an easy copy of Genesis nor are they aiming to be a coverband. Admitting they do adore Genesis in all it’s glory yet they try to place The Watch in the 21st century and compose original music using the right ingredients. The voice of the group’s frontman Simone Rossetti bears uncanny similarities to early-day Genesis legend, Peter Gabriel. This, paired with the group’s performances brings you right back to the glory days of Europe’s 1970s. Though through the years the line up of the group has changed several times, the founder, main composer and singer Simone Rossetti is in it since the very start. The first studio album of The Watch was released in 2001, first live album in 2009 and a new studio album is forseen for 2013.

Simone Rossetti – vocals, flute
Giorgio Gabriel – guitars
Guglielmo Mariotti – bass, guitars, vocals
Valerio De Vittorio – keyboards
Marco Fabbri – drums, vocals