June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds



Caspa, the stage name of Gary McCann, is a dubstep music promoter and DJ from London, largely responsible for the popularity dubstep has gained over the past years. He is viewed globally as one of the key players in the exciting genre of youth music. Caspa started DJing and experimenting with beats after his basketball career was cut short by injury. “I’m actually so glad the injury happened… I see a lot of the people that were on the same level as me in basketball, struggling now. They have nine-to-five jobs and play basketball at the weekends. My nine-to-five is music. I love it so much. To get paid to travel the world, work with great artists and be able to have that freedom to express yourself is the best job in the world.“ Most of his influences he ascertains from the stuff he heard whilst growing up. His father is a record buff, collecting everything from Elvis to Cliff Richard, his older brother was a scratcher into hip-hop and his younger brother is in a 1960s garage band – or as Caspa himself likes to put it: “I got three hardcore music fans in my family. I didn’t have much choice.“