June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

London Elektricity


After founding London’s Hospital Records in 1999, Tony Colman and Chris Goss decided to create the duo known as London Elektricity. However, following the release of their first album, Goss felt it more important to focus on running the label, leaving Colman to carry on under the same name as a solo artist. This legendary DJ and producer has fans all over the world, thanks to his admirable back catalogue of five albums (the latest being “Yikes”, released in 2011), numerous singles, EPs and remixes. The unique style of liquid funk combined with conventional drum & bass has made London Elektricity an incredibly influential artist who can be credited with a lot of the developments in the genre. Drawing influences from a number of different bands such as Fela Kuti, Led Zeppelin, Kraftwerk and from an array of genres such as jazz, soul and punk, London Elektricity is a truly multi-talented artist whose set is not to be missed.