June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds
Old Rocksummer Logo

1996 – Rock Summer VIII

  • July 11–13, 1996 Tallinn Song Festival Grounds
    July 12–14, Rigas Mežaparka, Latvia 

    Audience: 90 000 people altogether in three days 

    Lineup 25 artists 
    Estonia Noisy Nation, Joel De Luna & Saxappeal Band, Folkmill, Compromise Blue, The Names, Psychoterror, Bob Junkrott, No Big Silence, Blind, Ultima Thule 
    Finland Zero Nine
    Germany H-Blockx, The Kelly Family
    Icland Björk (only in Riga)
    Italy Fantazia featuring Tony De Vit
    Jamaica Shaggy
    Latvia Rebel
    Russia Moralnõi Kodeks
    UK East 17, Paul Young, Midge Ure, The Mike Flowers Pops, Babylon Zoo, Skunk Anansie, Republica, Thunder & Joy featuring DJ’s Randall & Darren Jay, Status Quo (only in Riga)
    USA ZZ Top
    Headliners ZZ Top,  Paul Young, East 17, Skunk Anansie, Midge Ure, Shaggy ning Status Quo ja Björk (the last two only in Riga)

    Rock Summer Festival in Latvia, Riga
    ZZ Top, Björk, Status Quo, East 17, Midge Ure, Babylon Zoo, The Mike Flowers Pops, Moralnõi Kodeks, Rebel, Ultima Thule, New Moon etc


    2 STAGES
    Main stage, sound and lights Norway

    AS Rock Summer Festivals


    Marlboro Music, KOFF, MTV, TDK

    Estonian TV, Tipp TV (Estonia), Ukrainian TV, Lithuanian TV, Latvian TV, YLE (Finland), MTV (UK)


    • Logo of the festival was designed by Mart Anderson
    • There were 3-day tickets as well as 1-day tickets
    • Festival club nights were held at the club Piraat and night club Dekoltee, with performances by Thunder & Joy and Fantazia