June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds
Old Rocksummer Logo

1995 – Rock Summer VII

  • July 13–16, 1995

    Audience: 110 000 people altogether in four days 

    Lineup More than 30 artists 
    Estonia Propeller Reunion, Terminaator, Mr. Lawrence, Tuberkuloited, Die Pohh, Brain Duster, Singer Vinger, Ummamuudu, Noisy Nation
    Austraalia Stiltskin
    Finland Elastic Family, 69 Eyes
    Holland Candy Dulfer & Funky Stuff
    Latvia Prata Vetra
    New Zealand The Mutton Birds
    Russia Vladimir Kuzmin, Sektor Gaza, Russki Razmer, Eyes in Acid
    Sweden Eager Beaver, DJ Ray Gan 
    Switzerland Lovebugs
    UK Simple Minds, Bullyrag, Levellers, Mike & the Mechanics, Menswear, Hugh Cornwell, M People, General Levy, M Beat
    USA Hazmat
    Headliners Simple Minds, Mike & the Mechanics, M People

    2 STAGES
    Sound Norway

    Makarov Muusik Management

    Marlboro Music, Jim Beam, Sinebrychoff, Tallink, BalSnack, TDK, Finlandia,  Koff


    • Estonian TV, Tipp TV (Estonia), Ukrainian TV, Lithuanian TV, Latvian TV, YLE and Radio Mafia (Finland), MTV, Eesti Päevaleht, Raadio Topp (Estonia)
    • There were 150 accredited journalists present, including publications from Japan and Australia, a broadcasts unit from France’s biggest commercial TV station, Canal+, and the most influential rock newspaper in Russia

    Simple Minds
    “The members of Simple Minds were quite pleased with their gig (as they said to Mihkel Raud). I had the chance of meeting them after the concert. Lovely, calm, intelligent gentlemen, before their performance they no idea what to expect.” /Postimees, July 22/

    Mike & the Mechanics
    “The band that got the RS crowd most excited. Their Saturday-night set with fantastic lighting and sound on the main stage was impressive.” /Postimees, July 22/

    M People
    “Except for the few first songs, M People’s set was full of hits.” /Postimees, July 22/
    “There’s never been an ending so fantastic and dance-y in the history of Rock Summer” /Pühapäevaleht, July 22/ 

    “The British metal-rap band Bullyrag was a pleasant surprise for many, as they were unanimously chosen as the best performers of the festival by the young and progressive audience.” /Pühapäevaleht, July 22/ 

    Candy Dulfer
    “The Dutch Candy Dulfer enchanted the whole Song Festival Grounds with her approachable presence and smooth saxophone sounds.” /Pühapäevaleht, July 22/

    Mr. Lawrence
    “Appearing at the festival for the fourth time, Mr. Lawrence opened for Simple Minds. Mihkel Raud was pleased with his performance. “The audience was fantastic,” he said. The members of Simple Minds also went and listened to their opening act. When I asked Mihkel Raud, what they had said to him, he laughed: “What did they say to me... They said that it was very good.” Mihkel Raud definitely has a reason to be happy, because there aren’t that many Estonian musicians who have been praised by their world-famous idols.” /Postimees, July 22/ 

    Singer Vinger
    “Returning to the stage for the third time at the audience’s request, Hardi Volmer, who knew the words to his songs a lot worse than the crowd in front of the stage, tried to calm the people and asked them to let the next band come on stage. “They’ve come from afar, we will see you again soon,” shouted Hardi.” /Postimees, July 22/


    • Logo of the festival was designed by Mart Anderson
    • There were no 1-day tickets
    • The club nights held at Top Club featured performances by General Levy and M-Beat from the UK, The Eyes in Acid from Russia
    • There was a nightly dance for three nights at the KadrioruTennis Hall, with a performance by Sound Of R.E.L.S.
    • A camp site was opened for the visitors
    • There were nearly 500 members of security with 70 dogs