June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds
Old Rocksummer Logo

1993 – Rock Summer V

  • July 8–11, 1993

    Audience: 130 000 people altogether in four days 

    Lineup Almost 50 artists 
    Estonia Onu Bella, Good Symphony Orchestra, Ultima Thule, Van Gogh, Nice Try, B.D.Ö., Sax Appeal Band, Lattikas kvintett, Kolumbus Kris, Jäääär, Compromise Blue, Hot Pipes, Ilus viis, So So Memories, Modern Fox, Beergrass, Wallawanem, Kukerpillid
    Germany Haddaway, Seventh Heaven
    Ireland Suzanne Rhatigan, Mama’s Boys
    Russia Bogdan Titomir, Moral Code-X, X-Roudz, Kukuruza
    Sweden Leila K, One More Time, Elvert Under Ground
    Switzerland The Failures
    UK Procol Harum, The Shamen, Asia, Samantha Fox, New Model Army, Ultravox, Funking Barstewards, Saxon, Fahrenheit, Blur, Pele, Paradise Lost, Toy Dolls
    USA Defunkt, Faith No More, Mercury Rev, Walter Trout Band
    Headliners Procol Harum, Samantha Fox

    3 STAGES
    Sound & lights Eastway Show Services (Finland)
    Stages Telinekataja OY (Finland)

    Makarov Muusik Management

    Marlboro Music, Tallink, Miller, Saku, Jungent, Tartu Õlletehas, BalSnack, Tallinna Pank, Estkompexim, Sony

    Asahi TV (Japan), Channel 4 (UK), RTR (Russia), Ukrainian TV, Lithuanian TV, YLE (Finland), Estonian TV


    • Logo of the festival was designed by Mart Anderson
    • Rock Summer was part of European New Music Festivals YOUROPE
    • Tickets were exchanged for a wristband
    • A festival booklet was printed that introduced the artists in Estonian and English
    • There were currency exchange points at the festival site