June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds
Old Rocksummer Logo

1991 – Rock Summer III

  • July 19–21, 1991

    Audience: probably 150 000 people altogether in three days

    Lineup More than 30 artists
    Estonia Compromise Blue, Yellow Submarine „G“ (Joala-Mägi-Linna), Long Loff, Urmas Kruuse Band, Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence, Justament, Vanaviisi, Peiar, Laks & Mattiisen
    Australia The Travelling Wallabies
    Belorussia Ulis
    Brazil Kaoma
    Canada Hart Rouge
    Denmark Fate, The Sandmen
    Finland Havana Black (Finland-USA), Leningrad Cowboys, Riki Sorsa
    Holland Poppi UK
    Hungary Sexepil
    Ireland The Chieftains
    Japan Bo Gumbos, Kotobuki
    Latvia New Moon
    Lithuania Veto Bank
    Russia Boris Grebenchikov, Avia
    Sweden Kalmar Folkdanslag
    Switzerland Jivaros Quartet
    UK Jethro Tull, The Stranglers
    USA The Fabulous Thunderbirds

    Headliners Jethro Tull, Yellow Submarine “G“

    3 STAGES
    Sound Eastway Show Services OY (Finland), Tallinn City Hall
    Lights Eastway Show Services OY (Finland)
    Stages Telinekataja OY (Finland), Centras (Lithuania)

    Makarov Muusik Management

    Marlboro, Tallink, Mazda, Koff

    Estonian TV, RTR (Russia), Asahi TV (Japan), YLE (Finland), Ukrainian TV, Lithuanian TV

    Jethro Tull
    After having an empty bottle and a can of beer flung at him on stage, Ian Anderson is quoted as shouting: “What kind of a zoo is this?”. Either way, the newspaper Rahva Hääl had him promising: “I will never come back here.”

    The Fabulous Thunderbirds
    “We think Rock Summer was a fantastic experience... And when we came to Tallinn, we felt we were introducing American music.” /Õhtuleht, July 25/ 

    Urmas Kruuse Band
    When the newspaper Esmaspäev asked on July 27 how it was to work with Japanese TV, Urmas Kruuse said: “...for half a day they filmed me lifting gear from the car, bustling about at the warehouse, lifting shoeboxes from one pile to another and then back again. To make the shots work, I had to redo every movement many times... We invited them to our rehearsal. We had rented a rehearsal space and hadn’t bothered with cleaning it, so there were old cigarette butts, empty bottles, used mattresses... During the whole rehearsal the Japanese were like firefighters, coming in for two minutes, until they ran out of air and their ears started ringing, going out quickly and then back again.”


    • Logo of the festival was designed by Ilona Gurjanova
    • A festival booklet was printed that introduced the artists in Estonian and English
    • Three-day tickets were exchanged for a wristband
    • There was a guarded camp site for the visitors by the Pirita River