June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

Winny Puhh


Swamp-rock – this is how Winny Puhh describe their style. And god and moss – as their greatest influences. Estonian audience voted their sweetheart at the contest Eesti Laul 2013 (Estonian Song) the second. But they are loved not only in Estonia, outside Estonia as well. “This madness started 19 years ago, on the 28th of September in 1994. And it is still going on and seems to be getting stronger,“ state the Winny Puhh about their condition. This April the band pressed their madness on the album entitled “Pole See Jõumehe Elu Üldse Kerge“ (“The Life Of The Muscle Man Is Not That Easy At All“). 

Announcer I
Doctor O
Jürnas the Farmer
Tractor I
Professor S