June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

East Trading Wang


This punk-metal band arises like a phoenix for their special concert at Rock Summer 25. During their active days the band that was formed in 1997, managed to release two thriving albums, contribute to the soundtrack of the Hollywood blockbuster “Little Nicky“ and be the opening act for Clawfinger. Their sound was and still is completely unique in Estonia and as far as foreign artists go, they have occasionally been compared to Helmet. The music of ETW is fresh to this day and the synergy that emerges on their rare live shows haunts the dreams of many music lovers. During their 5-year long hiatus, the guys have played in other bands, been hiding from the cold climate in exotic lands, become fathers and let us believe that maybe someday... Well it´s the year 2013, all pieces of the puzzle have been reunited and East Trading Wang is back for Rock Summer! 

Kristjan Pärn – vocals, guitar
Margus Gustavson – guitar
Margus Laasma – bass
Maik Grüner – drums