June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

Toomas Vanem &
The Limited Edition


The Limited Edition was formed in 2008 as a solo project of guitarist Toomas Vanem and is a combo of Estonia’s top rock musicians. The band’s music is a mix of powerful guitars, catchy harmonies, wicked rhytmical textures – a mix of jazz, funky and rock... or anything as for those talented musicians only sky is the limit. In 2010 the band performed together with one of the top bass guitar players Stuart Hamm from USA who was visiting Estonia. At the moment they are recording new material and as for Rock Summer 25 – they'll be on stage with more musicians than just a quartet. The leader of The Limited Edition, songwriter and producer Toomas Vanem began his music studies at the age of 10, though his choice was not a guitar but… a clarinet. Probably because his father played it. At 16 he began to learn guitar with a profound interest. Toomas has played in a number of Estonian bands. He also performed at the first Rock Summer festival in 1988, at that time with the Russian group Dialog. And would perhaps play with them to this day… just that after Estonia regained it’s independence, travelling to Russia was not that simple any more. The Limited Edition XXL at Rock Summer 25 is:

Toomas Vanem – solo guitar
Henno Kelp – bass
Runno Tamra – keyboards
Andrus Lillepea – drums
Meelis Sütt – percussion
Ain Varts – rhythm guitar