June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds



John Lydon and Public Image Ltd aka PiL is one of the foreign artists who performed at first Rock Summer in 1988 and does that now, 25 years later. With almost the same line-up as then. The new member of the band is the bass player. Lydon formed PiL after the end of the tempestuous career of the pioneer of English punk Sex Pistols in 1978. Johnny Rotten became John Lydon again. John was re-christened “Johnny Rotten” on account of his decaying teeth:) Of course Public Image Ltd did not play the same kind of music as Sex Pistols. Their’s was a blend of different musical styles that changed as constantly as the line-up of the band. In 1992 the group split up though, for 17 years, until in 2009 they had their long awaited return. After 17 years Public Image Limited played in the UK seven live dates. In 2012 they released a studio album “This Is PiL“. John Lydon was born in 1956 to Irish parents and lives in Los Angeles with his wife Nora with whom they have been married for almost 30 years.
Read the interview with John Lydon John Lydon, Not So Rotten, published May 5 in The St. Petesburg Times.
VIDEO: Watch PiL's perormance at Rock Summer 25 and interview with John Lydon made by the Estonian National TV here (starting from 3:00).

John Lydon – vocals
Lu Edmonds – guitar
Bruce Smith – drums
Scott Firth – bass