June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

Ed Rush


There aren’t many artists who can claim to have changed the face of a genre of music. Ben Settle, or better known as Ed Rush, is one of them. Ever since his first production outings, he has proven to have the ideas and attitude to transform drum & bass. Moving through the sounds of hip-hop and electro in his early musical years, like many of his peers he became fascinated with the burgeoning rave scene that was blowing up his hometown of London. Fully immersed in crafting a style which was to become known throughout the world as techstep, Ed Rush’s rise to prominence was inevitable. One of the originators to bring back the dark sounds of drum & bass and push it to new levels, Ed Rush continues to make waves with each new release. He is currently working with his partner Optical on the duo’s latest album that will be a project of funk with a blend of today’s production techniques that will prove hard to resist.