June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds



Heavy metal band Metsatöll – the name being an ancient Estonian euphemism for wolf – was formed in 1999. It’s current line-up was finalised in 2004, when Atso took up the place behind the drum kit. That same year the band released their second album “Hiiekoda“ that crushed all previous sales records for an Estonian metal artist and won the band the Best Metal Act 2005 award at the Estonian Music Awards. The same award was won in 2006, 2008, 2010 and 2011. In 2008 Metsatöll signed a contract with Universal’s Finnish subsidiary Spinefarm Records. Their fourth album “Äio“ was released in 2010 and promoted with a tour of 63 concerts, 40 of them outside Estonia. “Äio“ became also the best-selling Estonian record of the year. Next year’s ”Ulg” was the best-selling album of Estonian artist for Universal Music. Video clip ”Küü” that you can see on this page, is from the same album and is, by the way, filmed mostly under water. By today Metsatöll has played more than 350 shows in Europe and the US and sold more than 70 000 albums. To date it's releases Metsatöll uses the chronology of the local pagan religion that begins with the Billingen catastrophe in 8213 BC when the Baltic ice lake broke it’s way into the ocean and most of the current territory of Estonia appeared from under water.

Markus – vocals, guitars
Lauri – vocals, torupill, flutes, kannel, ängipill, mouth harp
Kuriraivo – bass, bass mandolin, stump-instrument, vocals
Atso – drums, stink drum, vocals