June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds



Shoo! That is the name of this punk and new wave band from Athens. Yet they do not use the word for driving away unwanted animals, rather people as well as political and social situations that do not let people live in equality, happiness and peace. The members of Oust! do not make music for living. Their female singer Magdalini is a teacher and journalist, bass player a graphic designer, drummer a computer developer, one of the guitarists is a worker, the other one a publisher. They have no album yet, but intend to publish it this autumn. Through music Oust! tells about things mainstream media seldom does – about ordinary people who have suffered most in the economical crisis due to the collusions of politicians, bankers and euro-officials. And although there are not many people in Estonia who understand Greek, one can feel the vibe at the concert of the quintet in spite of that. Punk is not dead!

Magdalini – vocals
Evgenios – bass, vocals
Yiannis – guitar
Dimitris – guitar
Christos – drums