June 15–16 Song Festival Grounds

Ivo Linna &
In Spe


At the first Rock Summer festival in 1988 beloved Estonian singer Ivo Linna, ensemble In Spe and vocal group Kiigelaulukuuik were the ones who’s performance of "Five Patriotic Songs" by Estonian composer Alo Mattiisen and Estonian lyricist Jüri Leesment made an estimated crowd of 60 000 to 80 000 people on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds fly blue-black-white national flags, join hands and sing tears in the eyes and lumps in the throats “Estonian I am and Estonian I will stay…”. A small part of that crowd you can see for youself from the video here. Linna who was also master of ceremony of Rock Summer 88 will hold that same position at Rock Summer 25, only this time with his son Robert who was back then a 5-year old kid. In February this year Linna told Estonian newspaper Õhtuleht about the performance of "Five Patriotic Songs" at Rock Summer 25 the following: “We think that this time we will sing it with even a bigger company: there will be choirs or at least one choir on the stage. We like to sing it as perfectly as possible because we do not want to leave an impression that we have become out of shape in those 25 years.“ Linna adds that instinct tells him that this time the emotion might be even stronger than back then, at the end of the 1980s.

Ivo Linna – vocals
Antti Kammiste – keyboards
Peeter Brambat – flute
Terje Terasmaa – percussions
Margus Minn – bass
Ain Varts – guitar
Toomas Rull – drums
Tallinn University Chamber Choir, conductor Merike Aarma